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If you’re new to riding, or returning to it after a long break, Ricochet’s FirstTrek vacations are for you.

Designed for beginner horse enthusiasts, families with kids, and groups with riders of different experience levels, FirstTrek vacations are just the right combination of adventure and relaxation.

FirstTreks are 3 or 4 day packages that include lodging, breakfast, and picnic lunches on the trail.  Your group and your guide will ride on your own, which allows you to set your own pace and select your own itinerary.  Want to spend every possible minute in the saddle? No problem.  Want to break up your days with shorter rides to different destinations,?  We can do that.  If you’d like, we can also arrange non-riding activities, like kayaking, fishing excursions, and wine tours.

Your lodging will be at one of several wonderful local accommodations.   When you book your FirstTrek, we can discuss your lodging preferences and offer you a choice of hotels.

FirstTreks start with several hours of expert tips on how to ride safely and how to bond with your horse.  On your first day, you will spend time in our outdoor arena meeting and grooming your equine partner, testing your tack, and getting used to your horse’s gaits.  You can talk with your guide about your riding experience (if any), as well as your hopes and goals for your vacation.  You and your group will have a chance to watch a dressage and jumping demonstration if you like.  Then you’ll mount up and head out through MacKerricher Park to Ten Mile Beach, for a quiet ride by the ocean. When you return to Ricochet, you and your guide will decide on your itinerary for the next day.

As Day 2 begins, you and your horses will be transported to the trail head and you’ll ride off into the redwood forest, up the Orca trail to bluffs overlooking the Pacific, or out across one of the cattle ranches that extend over thousands of acres of pastureland.  With your guide leading the way and watching out for you, you can concentrate on the remarkable scenery and your connection to your horse.  At lunch time (or sooner if you like) you’ll stop for a picnic and a rest.  Ricochet supplies sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and sometimes even lounge chairs, if we can get the truck up to the picnic spot. And we do know how to find beautiful picnic spots!

Sometimes, one or more group members decide to end their ride early and head back to their hotel for a nap or a session in the hot tub.  That’s fine – we can arrange for riders to be picked up from various spots on the trail.

Another option is for riders to elect additional instruction, either on the trail or in the arena.  We pride ourselves on the supportive, positive approach of our head instructor, who can help you be a better rider regardless of your level of experience. Your riding day will end in the late afternoon, when you and your horse will be transported back to Ricochet.  In the evening, you can enjoy local restaurants and night life or just rest up for the next day.

Day 3 (and Day 4, if you choose), like Day 2, will follow an itinerary you and your guide create.  Ricochet has access to many different trails, so the scenery and terrain will be different but the pace is still yours to set.  Perhaps you’ll spend time by -or in – a forest stream, or perhaps you’ll be ready for a canter on Ten Mile Beach. If you prefer to start riding later or end earlier, that’s fine.

We have well-trained, well-mannered horses suitable for riders of any level of experience.  We work hard to match guests with the right horse. Our guides are well-trained and well-mannered too!

Give us a call or send an email to start planning your FirstTrek.  We have reservations available throughout the year. 2017 prices for 3 day FirstTrek guests are $1485 – $1575 per person, depending on your choice of lodging.  That price includes breakfast, lunch, room, all riding and riding instruction, and tax. 4 day packages are $1980 – $2100.

We require a 20% deposit to secure reservations.  Your deposit is fully refundable if you cancel at least 7 days in advance of your scheduled arrival.

Ricochet Ridge Ranch offers unforgettable horseback rides on pristine beaches, along coastal trails, and in redwood forests. Come ride with us!